The latest update to Xero has rolled out over the UK this evening with a couple of new features that are worth mentioning in more detail.


Those of you who are familiar with Xero will probably already know that you can attach single documents to purchase invoices and receipts (such as a copy of the actual document) for a while now.

This new feature as shown below will allow you to upload multiple files to all sorts of things in Xero such as invoices, bills, contacts, fixed assets, nominal codes (chart of accounts).


  • Store important bookkeeping and accounting files within Xero, think Dropbox for accounting information.  To access the file library go to Settings > Files. Great for sharing important information between Xero users.
  • Add files to important transactions.
    • Next time you purchase a fixed asset, take a picture so that your accountant and/or bookkeeper can see the asset.  You could even add a PDF of the user manual to the asset transaction.
    • If you take out a new loan or hire purchase contract, attach the finance document so that it is in a safe place and if needed can be viewed by your accountant.
    • Store your incorporation documents, VAT certificate, tax returns etc. in one handy place for future reference.
    • Save a PDF copy of your bank statement(s) periodically and check it matches your bank balance(s) to ensure your bank feed(s) are running correctly.
  • Attach multiple documents to transactions.
    • Maybe you have a purchase invoice but want to attach some email correspondence to an invoice, well now you can add multiple files to transactions.

More information on Xero files and via the Xero blog.

Improved EC Sales VAT reporting

Changes have been made to some UK tax rates to distinguish between EC sales of goods and EC sales of services.

  • Zero Rated EC Services – use this new tax rate for the sale of services to the EC
  • Zero Rated EC Goods Income – this a renaming of the existing Zero Rated EC Income tax rate, use this rate for the sale of goods to the EC

You should use these tax rates to ensure your accrual based VAT returns are correct. (Note we still have some further work to do to cover cash basis reporting.)

More information on Xero EC Sales VAT.

For more information on the recent changes including previous announcements and details of what updates and improvements that are in the pipeline can be found on the Xero Updates page.