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Free Xero promotion

As a Xero partner we receive discount codes not available anywhere else. From 1st July we have two amazing offers available…….   Free conversion from Sage or QuickBooks (this is usually £180 minimum) Half price Xero for 6 months which is a potential... read more

Xero promo code

From time to time Xero release discount codes, now is one of those times. Get 50% off a new Xero subscription for two months. Sign up to Xero by 30 April 2014 and get a 50 percent discount for the next two months. Just log in, click purchase now and apply the Xero... read more

4 advanced Xero tips

From the content of this blog and the main site it’s fairly obvious that I am a big fan of Xero. They have a great product that has changed the way I work with client’s, now having the ability to share and view data in real time, something that was... read more

Why using an external bookkeeper makes sense

Within the UK there are literally thousands of small businesses, plenty of which are owner managed or employ small numbers of staff to assist with the day to day running of the business. Benefits of an external bookkeeper Lets look at the key benefits of utilising an... read more

How to make money and pay less VAT

Yes it is true, depending on the type of business you are in you could make money from being registered for VAT and in turn pay less VAT over to the VAT man. It’s all to do with the Flat Rate VAT Scheme. In the UK if your turnover for the previous 12 months is... read more

Quotations in Xero

One of the most popular requests and something that is missing from Xero is the ability to create quotations. For small business owners who run a service type business having the ability to raise a quote straight out of Xero and then process that through to a sales... read more

Keeping track of business expenses

Keeping track of business expenses can be a nightmare.  If your job or business involves you travelling you will be all too familiar with the scenario.  All those little receipts that build up for purchases of fuel, snacks and meals when travelling to customers or... read more