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The difference between Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting – The difference A common question and one that often causes confusion is “What is the difference between a bookkeeper and accountant?”  Its a question that’s asked and has been asked many times before. To answer that... read more

Small Business Apps

Smartphones have transformed our daily lives and chances are you never leave home without either a smartphone, tablet or both. With that in mind we have listed below some great apps that are ideal for small business owners, to help you work smarter and more... read more

4 Xero tips you may not know

Here are 4 quick Xero tips that you may not already know. Xero overpayments. Not sure how to process overpayments from Customers or overpayments made to Suppliers?  From the find & match screen, click create new transaction and select spend money (supplier... read more

5 advantages of online bookkeeping

Up until only the past few years, computerised bookkeeping was restricted to purchasing and installing a piece of software onto a desktop PC or laptop. Whilst these type of packages do a decent enough job they still have their limitations, the main one being the... read more

Xero vs Sage

When a new product comes onto the market attempting to change the way things are done, it’s inevitable that comparisons will be made between the new product and the more established products in the same marketplace.  It occurs everyday especially when it comes... read more

Outsourcing is not just for call centres

When bringing up the subject of outsourcing most people probably think about overseas call centers and rightly so given all the media attention the subject has received over the past few years. BUT outsourcing is not just about overseas call centers or in fact sending... read more