Xero Add-Ons

xero add onsDuring our time using Xero we have come to know and use a wide variety of Add-Ons that can help speed up various processes involved with bookkeeping and also produce more meaningful information.

Below are some Xero Add-Ons that we think you may find useful together with a brief explanation of their benefits. For a more detailed description or to view other Add-Ons please visit the the specific page on the Xero website.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank takes all your paperwork (purchase invoices and receipts) and converts them into data that can be sent through to Xero at the click of a button. Perfect for reducing the time spent entering data, we can discuss how you can use this for your bookkeeping to reduce your time spent processing information. We can also use Receipt Bank on your behalf to reduce the time we spend on your bookkeeping allowing us more time to help you with your business in other areas.


Vend is a point of sale and inventory/stock software that can link to Xero. The benefit being that customer, stock and sales information can be sent through to Xero without the need to re-input the data again.


Quotient is a quote system for Xero. Quotes can be generated and once accepted by customers they can be pushed through to invoices at the click of a button. Another great add-on that saves re-inputting data again.

Other great Add-Ons for Xero include CRM (customer relationship management) software, debtor tracking, full stock and inventory management, job costing and time management. Xero can cater for almost any type of business in any industry with the right add on.

If you are interested in speeding up your bookkeeping process and would like to discuss the benefits of these or any other Xero Add-On then please get in touch.